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The Slow Ascent to Credibility

Rich Beischer's Odyssey

Rich Beischer
7 October
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The ultimate Gypsy-Scot, Rich Beischer, writer-producer for RATPAQ Productions rants, raves, bitches, and carries on, on the internet.....
2600, absinthe, acting, alan cumming, amélie, bartending, bendis, billy joel, cabaret, canon, celtic football club, christopher walken, coffeehouse drama, coffeeshop drama, comics, coming home, conan o'brien, covenant, creole, cuddling, damn dirty hippy, david bowie, david sedaris, dostoevsky, drinking, dv, eddie izzard, euro-trash, european cup, feminism, fencing, ferrets, filmmaking, final fantasy, footie, garage rock, gbs, geeks, george carlin, german, glenmorangie, goon, guinea pigs, guinness, gypsy, heather ale, hedwig, hellraiser, high fidelity, hips, hunter s. thompson, independent film, industrial, invader zim, irvine welsh, jersey shore, johnny rotten, jonathan larson, josh rouse, kander/ebb, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kittens, languages, lenore, leonard cohen, living young, lou reed, love, mallrats, man city, mercer street, michael moore, monty python, moulin rouge, mst3k, neil gaiman, new jersey, new wave, new york city, nichols 9, nick hornby, oi, open mic night, operation ivy, oscar wilde, performance art, pete and pete, pez, pirates, popeye, punk, queen, ramones, rancid, ratpaq, religious texts, rent, richard o'brien, rocky horror show, roman dirge, romeo + juliet, sa, sabre, sanctuary, sarcasm, saturday night live, scotch, scotland, scottish, sex, sex pistols, shs, sinti, somerville, spike lee, stanley kubrick, sublime, tantra, tchaikovsky, the crow, the doors, the eels, the maxx, the strokes, the village, the wannadies, the white stripes, they might be giants, trainspotting, trance, transmetropolitan, twin peaks, velvet goldmine, videophile, violent femmes, viva la muse!, vodka, wandering, webcams, webcomics, wes craven, west village, yoga, young ones, ziggy stardust